The Best Writer in the World

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Who is the best writer in the world—and how would we know?

What constitutes good writing—so good that it could be called the best. Does the subject matter, matter? If someone were to write a short story about a boy and his dog, a heart-wrenching, coming-of-age story about this boy and his dog and the adventures they have; could it be the best writing ever? Maybe if it won some awards. But who decides what is the best writing?

I don’t know the first thing about what makes good writing other than being swept up in the story or swept up in the characters. As a writer myself I might stop to marvel at the word choices and sentence structure. But I do not have a degree in English literature. I do not have an MFA degree up on my wall so don’t ask me about specifics of word usage.

You could call me an uneducated writer. I cannot quote Elements of Style. I have read a few pages. But I must admit, it kinda bores me. Is it okay to use the word kinda? It’s probably not even a word. As I write this blog piece my Word software is highlighting certain sentences with the green underlines telling me I’m misspelling words and not using the write sentence structure.

Oh well. I don’t know who the best writer in the world is. I suppose some people have their opinions, living or dead. I just know that I like to write and whatever I write has to work on some level. As I reread what I just wrote I realize that I’m pretty much rambling. Maybe later I will re-write this piece – or maybe not.



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