The Bedroom Killer

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I have a new novel coming to Kindle and Amazon. The Bedroom Killer. I thought I would share how this story came about. Like many writers I have a box full of old stories, scribbles, ideas, and character sketches. Some are on my laptop and some are printed out. I have a container – one of those plastic containers you use to store things in your garage. It is full of printed screenplays and other writing stuff.

I pulled that box down about ten years ago and found an old two-page write up. It was about a guy named David who wanted to write a novel about a serial killer. So I had him questioning a homicide detective. He was asking question I would be asking. The detective was answering but I gave him a bit of an attitude like he didn’t really want to be doing all this.

I decide I would use this two-page scribble and turned it into a 106 page screenplay. I had written three screenplays at the time and I wanted to start something else. So I started writing. Over the next five to seven years I completed the draft and then seemed to be in perpetual rewrites. You can never say anything is done – especially a script. Even if I sold it – the producer, director, and star would want rewrites.

I changed all the characters. I added characters. I gave them flaws. I gave them bad lives. And it was fun. When I decided I didn’t want to rewrite the script anymore I decided to write it as a novel. I took each scene from my screenwriting program (Movie Magic) and typed it up in two or three lines. These became chapters. I added more characters. I fleshed it out. I changed the ending – so much so that I had to go back to the script to change it there too.

And now it’s done. How many years has it been? Maybe 15 years from the initial “David asking questions” two-page write up. I don’t exactly remember when I wrote that. A long time ago for sure. It goes up on Kindle and Amazon next month.

What do I write now?

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