PhotoProfileMediumHi. My name’s Taylor, and I’m a screenwriter and novelist. Welcome to my blog.

This is the part of the blog where I talk about myself – not an easy thing for an introvert.
I started writing in earnest (is that the right word) in my early 30’s. But it’s still hard to call myself a writer. Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve with this blog:

• Write passionately about writing and publishing
• Build a large audience of like-minded people
• Learn from other writers

They say that if you have written something, then you can call yourself a writer. I have written four feature film screenplays. I recently finished my first novel – The Bedroom Killer. I’m self-publishing it on Amazon. Am I a writer? Yes, I am.

I hope you stick around and read some of my posts. Hopefully you will find something here that helps in your writing or inspires you in some way. If you want access to the things I write about, then sign up for my blog posts by entering your email in the box below.